Fundraising for Nonprofits in the Mid-Willamette Valley

Supporting Albany Area Habitat for Humanity, Rotary Club of Albany, and many other local organizations!

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What is The Great Platypus Drop?

The Great Platypus Drop will return to the Mid-Willamette Valley on October 8, 2022! We will be dropping about 10,000 Platypuses (rubber duckies) from the sky onto a target, and several lucky winners will win prizes based on which platypuses get closest to the target!

You can help by Adopting a Platypus!! For $5, you will be able to adopt a Platypus and root for your little guy to hit the bullseye!

Your donation will be supporting the Albany Area Habitat for Humanity. The Rotary Club of Albany, AND the participating Nonprofit organization of your choice throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley! Raffle sales for 2022 will open August 1.

This fun fundraiser will be a fantastic way for our community to come together and support local Nonprofits that have been struggling during the pandemic!! Stay tuned for more information, check us out on Facebook!

Be a Non-Profit Partner

Local Non-Profit organizations are invited to partner with The Great Platypus Drop to help raise funds and qualify for bonuses!

Become a Sponsor

Join us as a sponsor to support local Non-Profits and be part of this fun event!